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    The opening of Jilin Vanke Songhuahu Resort

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    The opening of Jilin Vanke Songhuahu Resort

    An important project tourism industry of Jilin Vanke Songhuahu Resort 1 April 16 On the opening ceremony, officially entered the stage of business.   Vanke Songhuahu resort is set in Songhua Lake ski, Songhua Lake, Jilin Seibu Prinsen Hotel ONE Family entertainment, holiday town, snow park and other facilities in one of the holiday destination.

    3 Ski cableway by the world's top brand Doppelmayr Provide

    Vanke Songhuahu resort to introduce the world advanced design concept, make full use of 600 Effective planning gap meters 34 Snow road, and the Austria, Italy and other top international hardware facilities, a comprehensive upgrade of snow quality. 2015 Year 1 April 16 Open day 12 A good snow , 2 Cableway, 4 A magic carpet , More unique " Rime ski " Experience. 4:4:2 The junior high school senior snow distribution, not only allows beginners to smooth slide 4.1 Km long panoramic junior ski, ski fancier can also challenge 2 The FIS certified international tournaments to rotary snow.

    3 Songhua Lake Ski Resort

    3 Vanke President Yu Liang speech

    Vanke President Yu Liang said in his speech, Vanke is committed to " The city supporting service providers " The transformation and development, to grow up together with the city.   Jilin Songhua Lake Vanke came to Castle Peak, hoping to build a more advanced equipment, scientific planning, service high level ski resort in North Jiangcheng, " To truly become a popular ski can participate in leisure activities, so that more of the next generation of love skiing here " .   The project will help Beijing's bid for the 2022 The Winter Olympic Games, the ice and snow " China Dream " , and to promote the popularization and promotion of winter sports in China, and the transfer and upgrading Chinese leisure industry.

    China ski industry started late, but in recent years the rapid development of. 1996 The country is not more than China years, 9 A ski, ski will be less than the number of 1000 .   Arrived 2013 Chinese ski close to the number of years, 400 A snow road, a total length of about 300 The annual number of kilometers, stable in the ski 500 Million, very rapid development.   But compared with Japan, there is still a gap. 2013 Years, Japan has about the ski 700 A number of breakthroughs, ski 4500 Million.

    3 The State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center winter skiing Department of Changan Lin Bin speech

    The State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center winter skiing Department of Changan Lin Bin said, with the rapid development of economy, more and more popular winter sports.   Jilin ice and snow and ice sports development resources be richly endowed by nature, is the leading force in winter.   Vanke Group to build skiing for the content of the ski resort in Jilin, the former Peak Ski site, not only to lead the ski industry to a new level, at the same time bring fresh blood and power for the national winter sports career.

    It is understood, the Songhua Lake ski resort was built 20 Century 60 In the 1980s, is the earliest large ski Chinese, also China first manned cableway was born, has hosted the Sixth National Winter Games ( 1987 ) and other important events, made an indelible contribution for the rise and development of Chinese ski industry, but 1992 Years later, as the cause of equipment aging, stop operation.

    3 Jilin City Vice Mayor Zhang Guochen speech

    Jilin City Vice Mayor Zhang Guochen said, Jilin city has beautiful natural scenery, profound historical and cultural heritage.   Vanke Songhuahu resort is China's first world-class ski resort, through the effective integration of resources, promote the Songhua Lake has become a new landmark, the northeast tourism seasons tourist resort.   Jilin City Hall will further strengthen the depth of cooperation with Vanke Group, to provide a good service project construction and operation.

    3 Japan Seibu Group Chairman Gotou Takashi speech

    Japan Seibu group is Jilin Flower Lake Resort project partners, the core enterprise is Japan's largest Prinsen Hotel hotels and resorts business , In Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, USA ? Hawaii operates a total of 40 Hotel, 30 Among the 9 golf courses, ski.   Especially has very rich practical experience in the field of golf and incidental ski resort construction and operation.

    The Seibu group from Japan 2011 Planning and design stage of years began to participate in.   The Seibu Group Chairman Gotou Takashi said, the Mount Daqing near the attractions of Songhua Lake, mountain shape for the construction of the ski.   Which is Chinese bid for the Winter Olympics, as well as skating, skiing is also a rapid increase in population, the project is " Good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations " The Seibu group, will fully carry out operations.

    Attended the opening ceremony and senior vice president of Vanke Ding Changfeng, Mao Daqing, Italy, Japan, Austria and consulates, counsellor, Olympic champion Shen Xue, Zhao Hongbo, etc. 150 Guests. In addition to the opening ceremony, Italy culture and Milan Expo publicity window -- Italy mountain resort, the first house opening ceremony ceremony series of activities in the slide 16 Day, 17 Days have been held.

    It is reported that, starting from the opening to the resort will 2015 Year 4 At the beginning of a series of winter carnival celebrations, and there are many skiing, accommodation and other consumer preferences.

    The Vanke Songhuahu Resort

    Vanke Songhuahu resort is located in north latitude 43 degrees The ski resort gold belt distribution, 150 Long day snow, 1 Meters above the average annual snow, from the airport 86 Km away from Jilin City, only 15 Km, bus traffic facilities , Super convenient traffic conditions , Is the largest ski resort city.

    Vanke Songhuahu resort to make full use of 600 Meters Effective planning gap 34 A Snow road, a total length of 31 Km The ski area reached, 175 Hectare .   At present there are 12 A High quality snow, 2 Cableway, 4 A magic carpet To open up , More unique " Rime ski " Experience.   Junior high school senior snow distribution 4:4:2 .

    3 Map of Songhua Lake Resort

    In skiing teaching, teaching children to introduce Japanese panda ski school (for children 3 To 6 Children, single board skiing teaching) teaching introduction of global brands America BURTON The LTR Single board teaching system.

    3 The guest experience ski snow road

    The ski resort, also opened over five Stars Hotel Prinsen Hotel provides Seibu Songhua Lake, " The guests go out in the outside, to be smiling. " Warm service and exquisite authentic Japanese style, Food; Mountain Resort Hotel Castle Inn let many skiers enjoy freedom, family vacations, comfortable, modern leisure life; nearly flat North American style commercial street, including not only in the Hot pot barbecue more than ten kinds of characteristics, the international first-class brand Food and ski shop, at the same time for visitors to Italy is alcohol LAVAZZA Coffee, convenience stores, banks, courier and other leisure service facilities; while standing in the top of the mountain elevation 935 M the restaurant Jilin ONE May, 360 degrees Overlooking the panoramic view of the city of Jilin, a landscape of lakes and mountains.

    3 The snow skiers to the top of the hill " Jilin ONE"

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