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    Milan World Expo Hall opened Vanke Vanke released a new corporate logo

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    Milan World Expo Hall opened Vanke Vanke released a new corporate logo

    In May 1st 2015, Milan Vanke Pavilion of Expo opening ceremony, "this pavilion resembles the dragon" officially unveiled in front of the world, then later Vanke Group released a new generation of corporate identity (LOGO), the original identification system has made significant updates, transformation and adaptation to the city supporting service providers, highlighting the direction of enterprise internationalization and close to the concept of customers.

    China ambassador to Italy Li Ruiyu, Consul General in Milan Wang Dong, Chinese International Trade Promotion Association Jiang Zengwei, Vanke Group Chairman Wang Shi, President Yu Liang attended the unveiling of the new standard and Vanke Pavilion release ceremony.   Wang Shi at the opening ceremony that Vanke Pavilion, 2010 Vanke independent Pavilion in Shanghai Expo, think that the World Expo is a good platform for international exchanges, this came to Milan again independent of the hall, a show of Vanke on Oriental civilization and Western civilization; on the other hand, Vanke Pavilion is a bridge and a window here, Vanke fashion design Chinese absorption of industrial needs, promote the progress China from building to create, to find market opportunities in the transformation of Chinese.

    Wang Shi said, because China Vanke in the international arena is still a novice, so the strategy is "to become the first home, the slow need to start early." global application to participate in the Milan World Expo enterprise; in addition, Vanke of local partners also fully trust, construction, supervision, taxation and other team no one Chinese, a Chinese resident representative a month ago in Milan.   To build the whole process of Vanke Pavilion, with full respect for the internationalization of logic.

    Vanke Pavilion covers an area of 959 square meters, is Chinese enterprises abroad for the first time to form an independent hall exhibition Expo, the Expo is the first according to the budget, according to the progress of the completion of the exhibition hall.   After independence in 2010 Shanghai World Expo pavilion in the Expo, Vanke and indissoluble bound, in 2013 May, Yu Liang reached the summit of Mount Everest, the World Expo will bring the banner at the top of the earth.

    Vanke Pavilion by internationally renowned architects, the New York World Trade Center reconstruction chief planner Daniel Libeskind? In the design, the concept of China from traditional landscape painting and the symbol of agricultural terraces, outside the 4000 pieces of red ceramic plate in the sunlight like scales, the whole building like a dragon like, contains a farming community for the moral good, have ample food and clothing.

    Vanke hall inside, 500 bamboo with 200 screens arranged in a crisscross pattern composed of "media forest", uninterrupted playing Chinese 60 City ordinary residents in the community canteen's real life, through which visitors can understand the canteen embodied in the Eastern philosophy, and to make the community commitment million.

    Yu Liang said in the ceremony for the subject of Vanke, the new standard for streamlining the previous generation of graphics, in order to better meet the needs of the company to the city supporting service providers in transition.   No successful business, only the age of the enterprise.   In the "Internet + era", and the city common development is an important strategy of Vanke always adhere to the future, Vanke, not only to continue to consolidate the traditional residential business, but also to constantly improve the community service platform, pay close attention to the new market opportunities, follow the pace of city evolution, broaden the horizons in the consumer real estate and real estate industry field, cultivation and promote new business capabilities, continuous impetus to the growth of enterprises.

    The new standard with the international mainstream design standards, reflects the development direction of the company internationalization, make full use of global resources.   Since the beginning of 2013, Vanke, Hongkong, Singapore America entered the market, on the one hand the actual business; on the other hand, learn from good experience of overseas counterparts.   Will this occasion Vanke released a new standard in the Milan World Expo, is the best footnote to the internationalization of the company.   The new standard line font fresh and soft, show that Vanke will be close to the customer in a more detailed, more humble attitude.

    Change is one of the company gradually moving towards maturity.   Vanke first generation logo was born in 1988, was to Sony as a benchmark, to join the video industry, so the company logo design style with electrical products; in 2007, Vanke sales reached 50000000000 scale, the shape of Chinese traditional houses of the second generation window pattern identification, positioning on professional residential developers; now the third generation of ID, Vanke will witness in the traditional business, to provide customers with "good" residential city and at the same time, common development, transformation of the city supporting service providers.

    In order to meet the challenges in the era of silver industry, seize the opportunity, "Internet +" 170000 from organizational change starting in 2014, established a partner mechanism, this mechanism initially includes two aspects: stock ownership plans and projects with investment.   Vanke shareholders become the company's core team with investors, do create, sharing, sharing.   Sharing is a business partner and the biggest difference is the occupation managers, Vanke security organization mechanism for future development.

    Partner mechanism is an escalating evolution process, as the responsibility and rights issues between departments in the company, Vanke attempted to carry out the event partners; to achieve win-win with partners, Vanke began to pilot external partners; in innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples favorable policy environment, encourage entrepreneurship in Vanke Vanke ecological circle, assist Vanke construction, rich ecological system, create value for customers.

    The forty-second session of the World Expo in May 1st to October 31st in Italy held in Milan, the theme of "nourish the earth, the energy of life".   Expo Park covers an area of about 1700000 square meters, inspired by the ancient civilization of Rome, a total of 147 participating countries, regions and organizations, passenger traffic is expected to reach 25000000.   In addition to Vanke Pavilion, Expo and two China Pavilion: Chinese Pavilion will be "the field of hope, the source of life" as the theme of appearance, pavilion's theme is "China enterprise China seed".

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